COVID-19 Updates from 19 July to Sunday 5th September 2021.

In line with government guidelines, Mudeford Wood Community Centre has issued the following guidance regarding the COVID-19 outbreak:

Centre Guidelines regarding COVID-19 from Monday 19th July until Sunday 5th September 2021.


Due to the Government advice from 19th July please be aware of how we shall change some of the routines at the Centre. Our thoughts are that we should continue to work in a way that reduces the risk of infection being passed within the Centre, therefore protecting our customers and volunteers.


What stays the same.


  • The front door is to remain locked, with event leaders letting in their clients, preventing any queuing in the corridors or room 1.


  • Wearing of masks in the corridors is recommended, but removal for activity is likely.

  • The anti-bacterial gel on entry is still recommended, and /or regular hand washing.

  • We will continue with the one-way system as it presently stands. You can view the one-way-system written guidance here. 

  • The cleaning schedule will continue with the anti-bacterial products.

  • It is recommended Track and Trace continues, therefore we will continue to collect Track and Trace information. 



Changes to be brought in.


  • The rule of six no longer applies, so social groups of badminton, table tennis and bowls can return to their full numbers.

  • The kitchen will be open for use. If possible, can 1 or 2 people set up the drinks, using the thermal jugs on the trolley to transport to the room being used. All used china and cutlery should be stacked into the dishwasher after use.

  • All the toilets will be opened, so the one in one out system will no longer apply.



We hope you understand our rational for the above, but should you have any suggestions or questions about the procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Additionally, Mudeford Wood Community Trust has taken the decision to delay re-opening of events within our venue until:

1st October 2021 - Private, Community events and parties can return.

Additional Information


On entry, please wear a mask in the corridors and toilets, including all over 7’s if possible. Sanitise hands on entry, maintain a distance of 2 metres where possible and follow the one-way system in the centre. The NHS QR code is on our front door for all to use. Pen and paper Track and Trace is available from the main office (when open) or in each room out of office hours. Completed slips should be posted through the community centre letter box. 

For all other enquiries, the office is currently open Monday – Friday 9am - 1pm.


Alternatively, please leave a message Tel: 01425272084 or e-mail


Thank you for your continued support.